ACT For Cancer was co-founded in the last 4 months of Dame Tessa Jowell’s life.  Our mission is to deliver her legacy, which is to close the huge cancer inequality gap that currently exists in the UK by enabling the NHS to deliver the most cutting-edge, personalised treatment and care to all cancer patients currently diagnosed with an 'untreatable' form of cancer. We want the very best to be available to everyone, not just those privileged with the support, network or financial resources to access the best treatments independently.


We are the only cancer charity in the UK with a singular focus on creating the roads to deliver personalised treatment and care to all these patients through the NHS. This means that our mission creates no duplication of current efforts, and that we are addressing a huge, unmet need,

In delivering Dame Tessa’s legacy we will take the UK from having one of the lowest cancer survival rates in Europe to making the UK a global leader in cancer treatment and care.